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browser possession

One of my favorite geek dinner topics, browser possession, was highlighted at the end of the Ajax Experience. It’s something I’ve talked about with Brad, Alex, and even Brendan before in the past. The idea goes something like this: “instead of waiting for the weaker browsers on the market to update their codebase, [...]

back to the future of the web

I was quoted in a recent Vitamin article, Back to the Future of the Web. Basically they asked a bunch of people the question, “10 years from now what will we look back on as important to the web?” I think the variety of answers and perspectives is pretty interesting.

facebook acquires parakey

Facebook recently acquired Parakey. Congrats to Joe and Blake, two of the original co-conspirators behind the skunkworks project now known as Firefox. Joe is also known for Firebug, and for his recent work on iUI, a lightweight tool for building simple iPhone apps. While the Facebook platform has become wildly popular for [...]

less noise, more signal

Once or twice a year, I post to the Dojo interest list encouraging people to not just make noise. In other words, only respond if you actually have something useful to add. Thousands of people read the list (or try to at least), and it’s really frustrating when people respond in a only [...]

Articles that blame poor consumer spending on high gas prices have always been a bit confusing to me, because they seem to ignore basic math. Assuming that an average American drives 12,000 miles per year, and gas costs $2/gallon more than it did a few years ago, and that an average car gets 20 [...]

dojo and bill pay

I noticed tonight that my bank, US Bank, had upgraded their Bill Pay interface to add some nice Ajax interactions. Looking at the source, I found that they are using a custom build of Dojo!

a better way to trim

Steven Levithan has put together by far the most extensive analysis of JavaScript and trim I have seen (thanks for the tip Dean). We’ll certainly make use of this knowledge in Dojo 0.9 and beyond, and I look forward to reading more great regexp and JavaScript analysis from Steven.

iPhone DevCamp begins

The iPhone DevCamp begins Friday night. I won’t be able to attend, though we’ll be sending Jason Cline to the event to represent SitePen. We’ve been blogging quite a bit about the iPhone on the SitePen blog, and running a lot of tests to find out all of the various things that don’t work [...]

After writing a recent post about thinking outside the (browser) box, I started thinking about the rapid rate by which things are changing. A year ago, most web developers had to think about Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and perhaps WAP for mobile devices and widget development for one of more platforms.
Today, we are afforded [...]

i want my sync services

Because of the iPhone’s amazingly convenient mechanism for syncing with OS X’s Sync Services, I’m impatiently waiting for the non-Apple apps that I use to adopt sync services. For example, Daylite currently offers sync with the address book service, and the iPhone makes it surprisingly not painful to manage hundreds of contacts. The [...]

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