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NBC stops selling shows on iTunes - does anyone really care… besides Heroes and the Office, NBC doesn’t have anything worth watching.

Ron Paul in the WSJ - a decent write-up about Ron Paul in the WSJ… one thing the media doesn’t seem to get is that he feels abortion rights is not something that should [...]

The 2008 sxsw panel picker is coming on Monday, August 20. We’ve submitted a few interesting panels. Be sure to go to the panel picker and vote for the ones you want to see, as they use that feedback to keep the quality and relevancy of the programming as relevant as possible.

facebook and the iphone

In the article sets the standard, we’re seeing more inspiration from the Parakey acquisition than just fbjs.

In my annual informal review of social networks among our cousins and other people under 21 that are still fickle, Facebook has completely replaced MySpace in their lives. In fact, the only people I hear talking regularly about MySpace are a bit older and just learning about social networking. I know, I know, [...]

iWork numbers and the iPhone

Apple’s new application, Numbers, is a really nice refreshing blend of Excel and a general diagramming tool. It is surprisingly feature-rich, making actually somewhat more complex to use than a typical Apple app. It’s interesting that the new iWork suite has the Leopard theme or skin. Because of the Leopard delays, Apple [...]

dojo on the iphone

I’m giving two talks about Dojo on the iPhone, one at AjaxWorld in San Jose in late September, and the other at Grails eXchange in London in mid-October. The talks will provide a good general summary of Ajax dev on the iPhone, then get into Dojo and Cometd specifics. I’m really curious to [...]

iPhone-iPhoto retrieval issue

I seem to be having the same issue as outlined in this Apple iPhone thread - I no longer seem to be able to sync photos back from the iPhone to iPhoto. Has anyone else seen this issue, and more importantly, is there a known fix?
Update: if you iPhone is locked with a passcode, [...]


Well that was fast. Facebook now has a beta FBJS implementation for their developer API. I had mused in mid-July about the Facebook acquisition of Parakey, and now we have a fairly reasonable looking JS API. While I have no idea how little or how much Joe and Blake were behind this [...]

speaking of schwag

While speaking of schwag, it is worth mentioning that we’re doing a one-day Dojo training course at the end of September in Dallas. What does that have to do with Schwag? Each attendee will receive a t-shirt with the new Dojo logo. I know, I know, much more impressive than an iPhone [...]

battle of the conference schwag

Two great conferences are coming to the Bay Area in early September, and each has an interesting give-away.
The developer-centric Rich Web Experience, from September 6-8, 2007 in San Jose, is offering attendees their choice of a Nintendo Wii or 30GB iPod Video. This conference is a spin-off from the Ajax Experience, when TechTarget acquired [...]

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