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grails eXchange

I’m giving a talk on the current state of Dojo at the Grails eXchange on October 17 in London. The conference is put on by Skills Matter, a training company that also puts on our Dojo training courses in Europe. They do an excellent job with the training courses, and there are a number [...]

Announcing the Dojo Grid

After many months of working out the details, we’ve just announced the Dojo Grid! It took a significant amount of effort to make this happen, but we’ve managed to come together with a bunch of people in the community to bring an excellent grid widget to Dojo in time for the 1.0 release.
SitePen, Mozilla, [...]

In “Tales from the Evil Empire”, Betrand Le Roy of Microsoft has a summary of the current state of of browser history management. It’s a reasonably solid summary of browsers today, except that he comes to the following conclusion:
Now, we only have IE, Firefox and Safari Mac. I just hope this is only temporary [...]

cometd tutorial

There’s an easy to follow Cometd tutorial available that shows how to get up and running with the Jetty version of Cometd. The examples use Dojo version 0.4.3, but the syntax changes necessary to make this work with Dojo 0.9 are straightforward.

dojox.gfx at svg open 2007

Eugene has posted his dojox.gfx slides from SVG Open 2007. It’s great information for anyone wanting to learn about dojox.gfx, or wanting to see a preview of the 3d drawing and 3d charting done this summer by our Google Summer of Code students.

iphone apps: hypercard meets gopher?

I had an odd realization the other day that the early popular applications on the iPhone such as Facebook and are really the network equivalent of old hypercard applications mixed with a Gopher-style interface. Oddly enough, long forgotten user interfaces from 10+ years ago are inspiration for the new rage of mobile apps.
We’re [...]

iPhone and international roaming?

I’ve read a few early horror stories of international roaming with the iPhone and $3000 phone bills. I would usually just rent a phone while in Europe, but next month I am giving a talk about the iPhone in London, and I’m wondering what people recommend for using the iPhone overseas. Airplane mode [...]

apple does the right thing

Apple’s $100 store credit for existing iPhone owners is a great example of a company doing the right thing by its customers. It should be enough to not discourage early adopters in the future, and yet at the same time doesn’t give people money back so much as giving them more for their purchase. [...]