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some of svg comes to css

On the WebKit blog, Dave Hyatt announced that WebKit now has support for CSS Transforms. This is really interesting because it takes the matrix transformation possibilities from SVG, and moves them into CSS, allowing their application on any HTML element. I’d also bet that given WebKit and Safari 3’s solid SVG support, this [...]

mozilla prism

It’s cool to see the Mozilla Prism announcement. It’s another entry to the “Desktop Apps with Web Technologies” section of my post on the Proliferation of Web App Platforms. Interesting that it is also announced the day Leopard comes out, with its enhanced Cocoa bindings and Dashcode support. I’m curious to see [...]

back from italy, refreshed

We returned from Italy recently… what an amazingly refreshing experience. Italy is an amazing country with the great combination of art, architecture, scenery, and cuisine. Fully recharged, there are a number of things we’ve been working on that are close to being announced:

Dojo Toolkit 1.0: After 3 plus years, we’re closing in on [...]

italy, part 1

This is a rare non-tech post. Carrie and I have been touring around Italy for our one-year anniversary. When we return, we’ll post a full set on Flickr, but for now, here are a few shots from Milan, Cinque Terre, Siena, San Gimignano, and Florence:
The main cathedral in Milan.
The arcade in Milan.

North end [...]