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maxjet, we hardly knew ya

Lost in the Christmas rush was the announcement on Christmas Eve that MaxJet has shut down operations and declared bankruptcy. MaxJet was my new favorite airline, providing amazing all-business class service from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York to London Stansted. On our trip to Italy in October, we had such a [...]

what about the owners?

In the recent Mitchell report about baseball and steroids, there is a significant list of circumstantial evidence against many past and present baseball players.
I would still make the case that the ethical dilemma of what is enhancing at what is medicine is still blurred… for example, is a pitcher that receives Tommy John surgery that [...]

lacking originality

Every few weeks, Google News shows me a new article about Renkoo that is related to wacky internet company names. The latest is one by the Washington Post. I’ve noticed at least 30 iterations of this concept since March of 2006, with the same examples, and each author sadly trying to come up [...]

ajaxian survey

Ajaxian is running a new version of their Ajax survey for those that are interested in taking part in such things.

cross site scripting

Andrew Betts has delivered a phenomenal summary of cross site scripting (XSS) techniques and options in today’s browsers in his article Cross Site Scripting Joy.