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dojo developer day (ddd) 4

Dojo Developer Day 4 is coming February 7th and 8th, and is being graciously hosted by Google. Day 1 is primarily targeted towards contributors to the toolkit, with day 2 focused towards the greater development community. There is no cost to attend… simply send an RSVP email to rsvp -at- dojotoolkit *dot* org.
Also, [...]

web app poll

In preparation for their next Future of Web Apps conference, Carsonified is running a poll at Web App Charts to get feedback on your favorite web apps. I’m curious to hear the results, and see if things have changed recently, or if the early popular Ajax apps are still the most popular.

aptana jaxer

I’m pleased to announce that I recently accepted Aptana’s offer to join their advisory board, along with a number of other great people in the Ajax community. Aptana has just announced the release of Jaxer, dubbed “The Ajax Server.” So what exactly does that mean?
It means that JavaScript, the DOM, HTML, and CSS [...]

undo command and government

Just as most great software comes with an undo command, so should government. The closest thing we have currently in the US is Ron Paul. I’m voting for Ron Paul to undo the major problems caused by the current administration, and much of the governmental policies of the 20th and 21st centuries.
After his [...]

congrats to john lilly

Congratulations to John Lilly on being named the new Mozilla CEO! John is a great person to work with, and deeply understands the needs of the Open Web. I expect this to be great for Mozilla and for John.

The successes of Ron Paul include $20 million in funds raised last quarter solely from individual contributions by more than 100,000 people. Ron Paul is basically becoming successful for many of the same reasons that open source software and social software have become so effective and popular.
The campaign is truly driven my its active, [...]

first nfl game

I had the opportunity to attend my first NFL game ever on December 30th thanks to Torrey. We had amazing seats… first row, 45 yard line, and the Cardinals won easily against the Rams, with their highest scoring performance in 30 years.

The interesting thing about sitting this close to the players is that [...]