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dojo and cinque terre

I couldn’t resist wearing my Dojo shirt while doing the Trail 2 hike through the Cinque Terre in October:

first dojo book

Matthew Russell’s Dojo Book is the first book on the market exclusively about Dojo. It should be out in a few months.

On Comet Daily, Greg Wilkins and Michael Carter are currently going back and forth in a debate about Bayeux. I’m hopeful this discussion will help make Bayeux that much better for everyone interested in a Comet protocol.

dojo community resources

Peter Higgins and I spent part of our evening assembling a collection of Dojo Community Resources, mostly in the form of
up do date tutorials and demos.

A while ago I mused about the rising price of gas. In the wake of the recent, dramatic 1.25% interest rate cuts, and the awesome campaign of Ron Paul, I started to wonder if there was a correlation between the devaluation of the dollar, inflation, the price of gold, and the price of oil.
It’s [...]