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dojo 1.1 has arrived

Dojo 1.1 is now available.
More information is available in the Dojo 1.1 release notes, or on the SitePen Dojo 1.1 announcement.
Be sure to check out the new Dojo API Viewer, and the growing collection of Dojo demos, tutorials, and articles.
Update: The Beauty of Dojo 1.1 by James Burke, and Dojo 1.1 released announcement by Peter [...]

does that make him the mcdad?

I love redundant typos in news headlines: “Inventor of McDonald’s Egg McMuffin inventor has died (at”

Over the years of working with the Dojo Toolkit at SitePen, we have avoided offering a formal support service because we did not want to compete with our efforts in supporting the community. Recently, we started to realize that there are simply cases where an open and free community cannot always fill the need [...]