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Something weird is going on, because the prices of everything are going down rapidly, including oil, gold, silver, etc. However, this is mainly a reflection of the dollar going up against foreign currency:
Prices of commodities are being crushed. Gold, the barometer of inflation, is being crushed in the USD even as I write, even [...]

Michael Carter on WebSocket

Michael Carter of Orbited recently published a fun and colorful introduction to WebSocket:
I was at first overjoyed at the prospect of the World Wide Web’s new status as a real boy. But such feelings were just a precursor to the greatest technology-driven depression of my life. You see, as recently as twenty years ago the [...]

new dojo book

Frank Zammetti has released a new Dojo book, Practical Dojo Projects.

I haven’t seen the book yet, so it’s too soon to review, but knowing Frank’s other books, it’s sure to be a great and informative read.
This book follows on the heels of the first three Dojo books.