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On this day of thanks, on a professional level, I’m really thankful that Dojo is such a thriving community, and SitePen is able to work with such amazing and great companies.
A few people have asked me privately if I am upset that Alex is joining Google. The short answer is, absolutely not. Alex [...]

Adobe MAX 2008 Recap

I was invited to speak at Adobe MAX this year on the topic of Building Desktop Applications Powered by Dojo and Adobe AIR. The talk summarized the key things we’ve learned at SitePen in adding AIR support to Dojo, as well as working on the Dojo Toolbox and the Dojo Extensions for Adobe AIR. [...]

On Bailouts

I had thought about writing a treatise on why bailouts are bad, but Ron Paul saved me the time with his article that is appropriately called “The Bailout Surge“, a clear poke at the Iraq Surge (emphasis below is mine):
We must remember that governments do not produce anything. Their only resources come from producers [...]

ICANN has opened up the process for gTLD. I’m certain that we’ll now finally see .mac and .msn. The application process looks grueling, and the application fee is expected to be a relatively staggerring $185,000, so don’t expect to see .dojo, .sitepen, or .dylan any time soon.
That said, if someone wants to set [...]