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Day 15: Tokyo to Queenstown

On April 12th, I left Tokyo for New Zealand. My lack of understanding of the size of the Pacific surprised me when I learned that the travel time from Tokyo to New Zealand is approximately the same as Los Angeles to New Zealand.
Anyways, after my final hours in Tokyo, I rode to Narita airport [...]

Day 14: Tokyo Blossoms and More

The weekend of April 11th was my final two days in Tokyo, so I packed them full with things to see and do. Bill Keese and I met up with Floyd and Werner from QCon and we set out to find the cherry blossoms.
We started out in a pair of parks with temples and [...]

A Bit Behind on the Travel Blog

I’m about 10 days behind on my travel blog… I had a extraordinary time in New Zealand and I’m enjoying Australia before heading to Amsterdam this weekend. Maybe I’ll catch up during the 30 or so hours, door-to-door, of travel from Sydney to Amsterdam. It’s going to be nice being on a time [...]

April 10th was the final day of QCon Tokyo and the first ever dojo.sake event as well.
I began the day with a meeting at a large Japanese company that has an interest in Ajax. After that, I took Henrik up on his advice to walk around and pick a place somewhat at random and [...]

Day 12: QCon Tokyo

I’m a bit behind on these posts due to imperfect hotel internet connections.
On April 9th, QCon Tokyo began. But first a few initial observations:

ATMs: hard to get cash, as most only work with Japanese cards, and many stores don’t take American credit cards. It also helps if you try to withdraw $300 instead [...]

Day 11: Beijing to Tokyo

So far, I’ve yet to have nearly enough time in each city, but I’ve made the most of it while still keeping up with work. On Wednesday morning, I spent a short amount of time networking and more time repacking my luggage more efficiently.
Henrik, Floyd, and I shared a taxi to Beijing Capital International [...]

Day 10: QCon Beijing

On Tuesday, I gave my talk at QCon about the Open Web, which was well attended and received. The use of professional real-time translators was an interesting change from every other talk I have conducted previously. I don’t think the translators were able to keep up with my pace, so I forced myself [...]

On Monday, April 6th, our local QCon Beijing hosts gave us a tour of Beijing. We began early with a trip to Tiananmen Square, which can hold approximately 1 million people, dwarfing any of the squares or piazzas that I’ve ever seen, and is an amazingly powerful and symbolic place and includes Mao’s Tomb [...]

Day 8: On My Way to New Zealand

I’m behind on my blog posts about Beijing and Tokyo which were both incredible and amazing, but I’ll catch up after I arrive in Queenstown New Zealand after an 11+ hour flight to Auckland and a short flight to Queenstown! I can’t wait to see the reversal of the coriolis effect for the first [...]

Day 7: Great Wall of China

On Sunday, I again took the Beijing Subway to meet up with Eric and Michael, who took me to see the Great Wall. Nothing that I have seen really comes close to the Great Wall except for some of the architecture in Rome, but the size and scope of the Wall is astounding. [...]

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