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April 18th was definitely a day to remember. Web’09 had a great group of attendees and a solid collection of speakers. I was up to give my talk after the morning break, and gave a talk on the Open Web. While I have given this talk several times before, each time I [...]

My first morning in Auckland, April 17th, was met with a nice view of Sky Tower from my room at the Latham:

This was also Day 1 of Web’09, one of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve ever attended. With about 200 attendees, conferences for me are all about the people and the hallway track, and [...]

Day 18: Queenstown to Auckland

As I slip further and further behind on my blog posts on my trip, I will note that I’m having a great time and still plan to blog everything eventually. I visited Warwick Castle in England today.
On April 16th, I left Queenstown for Auckland where I gave a talk at the Web’09 conference. [...]

Day 17: The Milford Sound

I slept for a brief amount of time, and then had a very early breakfast again at the Dairy on April 15th with an incredible sunrise:

The BBQ Milford Sound tour bus picked me up at 7:15… the tour guide rocked, knew all the best places to stop along the way to the Milford Sound, told [...]

Day 16: Queenstown

Queenstown and the surrounding area rocks and is ridiculously beautiful. The entire area feels like one massive national park. It is a bit trendier than I expected, with lots of people straight out of high school or college tramping around New Zealand.
I began my first full-day (April 14, 2009) in Queenstown with a [...]

In Deutschland

A quick real-time update. I’m traveling around Germany and the Czech Republic for the next 12 days or so… heading to the Rhine River today:
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