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Day 30: The Van Gogh Museum

On April 28th, I was in Amsterdam. After another wonderful brunch at the hotel and working on finishing the slides for my conference presentation, I spent my afternoon at the Van Gogh museum.

Not everyone is a Van Gogh fan, but I generally always have been because I was fascinated by the way his art [...]

On April 27, 2009, I woke up and had an amazing breakfast buffet at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. Their breakfast feast puts to shame almost any other brunch out there.
During the morning, I caught up on work and did a very small amount of shopping and exploring. I retrieved my badge for SpringOne and [...]

On April 26 2009, Nikolai Onken met me at Schiphol airport, and we had a good chance to drive around Amsterdam so I quickly got a nice feel of the city. Amsterdam is a great city with a number of interesting historical buildings, and many many canals and bridges.

As it just a few days [...]

Visual History of Dojo

Will Riley of Lucid Desktop created a cool video showing a code swarm visualization of the history of the Dojo Toolkit. Thanks Will!

On April 25th (ANZAC day!), I slept in a bit and then found a taxi for the airport. ANZAC day is a holiday much like the US Memorial Day, “honouring members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.” The event made traffic [...]

Day 26: Sailing Around Sydney

On April 24th, I walked a few kilometers around Sydney and across the Harbour Bridge towards McMahons Point, the location of Greg Wilkins’ boat. I had some great views of the harbour and other parts of Sydney.

Greg and a friend share a nice sailboat, and after a few months of repairs, they were ready [...]

On April 23rd, I walked around Sydney some more, and then had lunch with Pamela Fox whom I met at Web ‘09 and a few members of the Google Maps team at Google Sydney. They have a great location with a nice harbour-side view.

After lunch, I walked around Darling Harbour which contains a sea [...]

Day 24: Touring Sydney

On April 22nd, I woke up really early and caught up on some work. Today was my primary day for seeing some of the more touristy sights of Sydney. In walking around town, I did something I almost never do: shop. And I don’t mean the Apple Store with the longest Genius [...]

I’m Back

I’m Back.
After 76 of the best days of my life seeing the world, I’m back in the USA, waiting for my flight from Charlotte to Phoenix.
I’ve seen and experienced so many amazing parts of the world, and yet I’ve seen and done so little. Sadly, I’m a bit disappointed that my trip is already [...]

Day 23: Katoomba to Sydney

On April 21st, I left Katoomba for Sydney. After 48 hours in Katoomba, I left without a view of the 3 Sisters:

The drive down to Sydney was great, as the fog and rain was limited to the Katoomba area.

I arrived at the Marriott Circular Quay, which is by far the nicest Marriott I’ve ever [...]

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