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Day 33: München to Rüdescheim

On May 1st, I left München to start my short tour around Deutschland and the Czech Republic by train. From the main hoptbahnhopf, I took an express train to Frankfürt, and connected to a regional train to Rüdescheim.

The train ride provided a great view of the gorgeous green German countryside. Pictures struggle to [...]

The book Even Faster Web Sites has been out for at least a month, and I’m finally getting around to writing about it! I was invited by the book’s primary author, Steve Souders, to write a chapter about Comet. I’ve generally been extremely hesitant to commit to any amount of book authoring as [...]

If you’re looking to attend a conference or two, QCon San Francisco in November has a new track titled the Browser as a Platform. I had the opportunity to speak at QCon Beijing and QCon Tokyo in April, and had ample opportunity to get to know Floyd from InfoQ. We started talking and [...]