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So, the prognosis is in, and my left knee is in bad shape. I’m having surgery on my left knee, roughly the same surgery I had on the right knee in ‘99. This time is a bit different… it hurts a lot less, but is worse than before, and I won’t destroy my patella tendon [...]

Multitasking and Football

My parents like to make fun of how I cannot live without my iPhone 4, to the point where they bet me last night that I couldn’t ignore it for an hour. They were wrong, I made it two hours!
That said, we’re all becoming much more used to doing many things at once, and this [...]

All or Nothing? Why?

Lately, I’ve noticed Facebook apps getting more and more aggressive with the information they’re requesting, without providing much information at all about what their doing with said information. So I’m rarely approving new apps as a consequence.
This weekend’s news that an option will now exist to allow apps to request access to your address and [...]

Alex Payne has a new blog post on the problem with creating and/or using User Hostile Platforms, which argues against using platforms like Adobe AIR, other cross-platform widget toolkits, and non-native cross-platform mobile app platforms.
What’s interesting is that I completely agree with Alex’s introduction, as well as his concluding paragraph:
Doing things the right way is [...]

The CES demonstration of iHealth is really impressive (great interview by @hermioneway and the presenter). It’s a great example of a nice user experience, and a simple health care measurement tool paired together through our new ecosystem of mobile devices. And at only $99 and for sale soon at the Apple store, I think this [...]

Avoding #lessambitiousfilms

I spent a lot more time reading than writing this week, because there were so many great things to read, while trying to avoid the #lessambitiousfilms meme.
Well, I didn’t completely resist with the Animatrix. I was thinking Godfather Part 3 might be another ironic version of the meme (where the name of the movie itself [...]

Time Zones and Distractions

I’m trying to determine if I’m more productive when I’m 5-8 hours ahead of most of the people I work with, or more productive on roughly the same schedule.
Pros for being in US:
More hours for overlap, making communication more efficient.
Nights are more free with less obligations.
Pros for being in the UK:
Less hours for overlap, making [...]