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iPhone and international roaming?

I’ve read a few early horror stories of international roaming with the iPhone and $3000 phone bills. I would usually just rent a phone while in Europe, but next month I am giving a talk about the iPhone in London, and I’m wondering what people recommend for using the iPhone overseas. Airplane mode turns off […]

apple does the right thing

Apple’s $100 store credit for existing iPhone owners is a great example of a company doing the right thing by its customers. It should be enough to not discourage early adopters in the future, and yet at the same time doesn’t give people money back so much as giving them more for their purchase. Overall, […]

in the news

NBC stops selling shows on iTunes – does anyone really care… besides Heroes and the Office, NBC doesn’t have anything worth watching. Ron Paul in the WSJ – a decent write-up about Ron Paul in the WSJ… one thing the media doesn’t seem to get is that he feels abortion rights is not something that […]

iWork numbers and the iPhone

Apple’s new application, Numbers, is a really nice refreshing blend of Excel and a general diagramming tool. It is surprisingly feature-rich, making actually somewhat more complex to use than a typical Apple app. It’s interesting that the new iWork suite has the Leopard theme or skin. Because of the Leopard delays, Apple seems to be […]

iPhone-iPhoto retrieval issue

I seem to be having the same issue as outlined in this Apple iPhone thread – I no longer seem to be able to sync photos back from the iPhone to iPhoto. Has anyone else seen this issue, and more importantly, is there a known fix? Update: if you iPhone is locked with a passcode, […]

iPhone DevCamp begins

The iPhone DevCamp begins Friday night. I won’t be able to attend, though we’ll be sending Jason Cline to the event to represent SitePen. We’ve been blogging quite a bit about the iPhone on the SitePen blog, and running a lot of tests to find out all of the various things that don’t work on […]

After writing a recent post about thinking outside the (browser) box, I started thinking about the rapid rate by which things are changing. A year ago, most web developers had to think about Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and perhaps WAP for mobile devices and widget development for one of more platforms. Today, we are […]

i want my sync services

Because of the iPhone’s amazingly convenient mechanism for syncing with OS X’s Sync Services, I’m impatiently waiting for the non-Apple apps that I use to adopt sync services. For example, Daylite currently offers sync with the address book service, and the iPhone makes it surprisingly not painful to manage hundreds of contacts. The Verizon UI […]


One of the Leopard development tools that Apple is already talking about openly is dashcode, a really simple way to create your own dashboard widgets. In Tiger, Dashboard’s UI really feels like an afterthought, but the approach they are taking with Leopard (and perhaps with the iPhone, though we don’t know if that is the […]

iBliss: day 3

After two days of iHell, Day 3 was blissful with a successful activation of my iPhone after replacing the SIM card. For now, I’m being forgiving, as the iPhone is flat out fun to use. While not perfect, Apple has managed to get so many cool, fun details just right. So why the rush and […]

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