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Upcoming JavaScript Events

I’ll be attending the following events: UK Uniface User Group: April 27th at the Compuware Uniface office in Maidenhead, UK. I’ll be speaking on web apps and business implications. Uniface leverages Dojo for deploying web apps with their 4GL framework. London Ajax User Group: On May 11th, I’ll be co-hosting the first of a new […]

Why I Avoid British Airways

Given the large amount of traveling I have done the past few years, friends are surprised that I generally avoid British Airways when flying to London, even if it means a connection on the east coast, a few extra hours of travel, and a slightly diminished quality of in-flight service between first class service on […]

If you’re looking to attend a conference or two, QCon San Francisco in November has a new track titled the Browser as a Platform. I had the opportunity to speak at QCon Beijing and QCon Tokyo in April, and had ample opportunity to get to know Floyd from InfoQ. We started talking and that led […]

My quick stopover in Los Angeles was packed with good discussions. Last night I had dinner with Dojo Co-founder David Schontzler and this morning I had breakfast with Dojo Committer Gavin Doughtie. I’m now on my way to Seoul via Asiana Air: View Larger Map Today also marks the official release of Dojo 1.3! In […]

Two Additional Dojo Books

Our English language Dojo book total is now up to at least six, with more books on the way. Peter Svensson has released Learning Dojo, which includes coverage of the new Dojo grid, and numerous DojoX examples. There’s an example chapter on Layout available for free. Leslie Orchard has released the Concise Guide to Dojo. […]


On this day of thanks, on a professional level, I’m really thankful that Dojo is such a thriving community, and SitePen is able to work with such amazing and great companies. A few people have asked me privately if I am upset that Alex is joining Google. The short answer is, absolutely not. Alex has […]

Michael Carter on WebSocket

Michael Carter of Orbited recently published a fun and colorful introduction to WebSocket: I was at first overjoyed at the prospect of the World Wide Web’s new status as a real boy. But such feelings were just a precursor to the greatest technology-driven depression of my life. You see, as recently as twenty years ago […]

A number of Facebook users are petitioning to keep the old Facebook design. I switched to the new design when I first noticed the option, and it is such a significant improvement over the old design that I would consider switching back to be a bit silly. It’s a cleaner, more efficient, more informative design, […]

At SitePen, we’ve just added two new resources: Dojo QuickStart Guide DWR QuickStart Guide These guides were developed by the SitePen support team.

A lot has changed for the better since my post four years ago on preventing the death of SVG. Today, we have excellent SVG (and canvas) implementations in Safari, Firefox, and Opera. dojox.gfx provides a simple JavaScript API based on SVG nomenclature for abstracting away inconsistencies between implementations, and also allow VML and Silverlight support […]

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